Historical Information

The Swiss maintained a state of armed neutrality during the First World War. With Germany and Austria-Hungary, along with France and Italy sharing both border and populations with Switzerland this was not an easy stance to maintain. The German speaking majority generally favored the Central Powers; the French and Italians speaking population sided with Entente Powers.

During the war, Switzerland was blockaded by the Allies and therefore suffered some hardships, however because Switzerland centralized location in Europe and it neutrality it remained generally undamaged. Switzerland’s clocking making industry also rose to promise during this time, it is rumored that Dr. Jonathan Mathias utilized Swiss Clockmakers in the construction of some of his Utopian Projects. The war allowed the growth of the Swiss Banking industry. The country set the scene for diplomacy, espionage, commerce, and as a safe haven for refugees.

Current Events
Switzerland flag

Switzerland became a signatory of The League of Nations in 1920, with the City of Geneva has its capital. Its banking industry continued to grow and it is rumored that Trueman Acquisitions, a division of Trueman International maintains a vault here for some of the items that it has procured.





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