Grayson's Gauntlets

Grayson’s Gauntlets


  • +2 Bonus to Stealth Checks against vision (Magnetized Field)
  • Stealth as a Blocking Action vs Alertness/Investigation (Magnetized Field). When you are observed you cannot stealth, this allows you too. You can be heard, but not seen
  • Survival of extreme temperatures, use Survival instead of Endurance (Cold). You adjust your body temperature to adapt to extreme temps

Drawbacks: Whispers in the Dark

  • Every time the gauntlet is used, the user must make a Resolve check vs Fair (2) difficulty or sustain mental damage. Every time this check is passed the difficulty increases by 1. Once the check fails, it resets back to Fair (2)
  • The check is made either when the Gauntlet is stopped and used again. If it is used continuously in a scene, then the check is made the first time it is active. If it left active at the start of a new scene then another check must be made.
  • You cannot heal stress boxes or consequences while the Gauntlet is active.


Black gloves that provided the user a link to the Soul of Hakkar and made from Netherite. They appear to fasten themselves to the flesh of the user, as Mokgosi Ramotswe had to skin them off of Grayson’s hands after his defeat. They then refasten themselves to Mokgosi’s hands and he is currently unable to remove them. He finds that he can make a magnetic field about himself to turn himself invisible and that he can regulate his body temperature or the pocket of air around him. He has notice when he does use the gloves that he hears the faint whispering of a dark and deranged voice.

Grayson's Gauntlets

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