Eye of Set

Eye of Set

  • Alternate Use: Academics as Investigation when looking for members of the Brotherhood of Set – When the Eye is looked through the seer can observe individuals who are attempting to hide (stealth) or disguise (deceit) themselves and are sworn members of the Brotherhood of Set
  • Specific Purpose: +2 to Academics When Using Academics to Research Information Related to the Brotherhood of Set – When the Eye is held up to the forehead at the spot of the “Mind’s Eye” it helps the user gain clarity regarding the Brotherhood and see that which is true.
  • Magic: This Artifact is Considered Magical – This Artifact is considered magical and can overcome obstructions in its use even when they are magical. (Example: It could see a member of the Brotherhood even if they used magic to become Invisible.)


A finely cut diamond in the shape of an eye. The iris is a an emerald. How they are joined is a mystery.

The Eye of Set was recovered by Dr. Joseph Kenrick, it is an artifact sought hotly after by The Brotherhood of Set. Until Dr. Kendrick, they have successfully killed anyone who has attempted to locate it.

Eye of Set

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