Centurion Origins The Curse of Set

Centurion Origins: The Curse of Set

Centurions Involved

Summary of Events

Dr. Joseph Kenrick and his sister, Dr. Evelyn Kenrick, lead a group of treasure hunters to the cursed temple of Set to retrienve the EYE OF SET!!!

The treasure hunters begin to meet ignoble ends at the hands of The Brotherhood of Set who pursue them…

Dr. Kenrick crosses paths with Mokgosi Ramotswe, Mokgosi helps guide him through the deserts of Egypt and the Sudan in search for the Eye of Set.

Lady Laura Bancroft uncovers another of Set’s evil plans and attempts to thwart their use of the Eye of Set. She helps Dr. Kendrick and their allies escape from the traps of the cursed temple and then fights off an attack by the Brotherhood of Set.

Anthony Poe signed on to travel with Evelyn and Joseph Kenrick on their search for the Eye of Set because he expedition was headed for remote regions where Anthony could hide from his pursuers. Despite a lack of tools or supplies, Anthony kept much of the expedition’s equipment running throughout the journey

Centurion Origins The Curse of Set

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