Utopian Dreadnought

Utopian Dreadnought

  • Armor: 4
  • Physical Stress: 10
  • Weapons: Barrage 3 Zone Radius, Weapon Damage 4; Main Cannon 8 Zones, Weapon Damage 6


The utopian dreadnought is a class of flying ships in the Utopian Fleet. It is more akin to a flying battleship than that of a zeppelin. The dreadnought is armed with heavy cannon and armor providing protection from most conventional weapons. It is unclear how the dreadnought is able to fly, but rumor holds that each has a small part of the Utopian mainland in its reactor. There are only a few dreadnoughts in services and the known ones are listed below.

Active Utopian Dreadnoughts

Utopian Dreadnought

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