Tears of Anubai

Tears of Anubai

Known Powers
  • When exposed to natural light they can be used to drive back dark energy and destroy zombies. This attack is either a mysteries or fist roll. If the user takes an action to expose them, then living things within two zones find that their attacks are empowered to destroy zombies. This energy is limited.


According to Dr. Radcliff’s research the Tears of Anubai are rumored to be created from the souls of condemned criminals. They empower these souls to steal into the dead and cause them to rise. Rumored to be in The Tombs of Aratakumba

However Dr. Radcliff’s research appears to be a lie and Tears can be used to destroy the zombies that the Heart of Hakkar is rumored to create. They are the counter to the Heart of Hakkar. If at least four tears are arranged about the Heart and exposed to natural light (sunlight, starlight, moonlight) with the summoner at Tomb of Aratakumba they will neutralize the Heart, requiring the Heart to have another blood sacrifice to power up again.

Dr. Joseph Kenrick also notes that they will repair themselves when exposed to natural light.

Currently, one tear has been destroyed by Mokgosi Ramotswe, one crumbled to dust, one was destroyed by The Brotherhood of Set and the remaining four are in in the possession of Henry Smith of The Centurion Club, locked in their Secret Vault.

Tears of Anubai

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