All Centurions embody some kind of Spirit that represents the century. It can be an element such as fire or water. It is usually some kind of concept or ideal, such as Exploration, or Invention. This Spirit defines the Centurions motives and can drive them to accomplish deeds and tasks far beyond mortal men.

But just as Centurions have a Spirit so do Millennions and theirs drive them to deeds and tasks that Centurions can only dream.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • A Spirit provides a +1 bonus to die rolls involving tasks related to that Spirit.
  • A Spirit may be invoked like an aspect with the following changes: When used to reroll dice, you roll twice and use the better results. It can be used to give you a +2 to a roll, this is in addition to the +1 bonus from the Spirit (Net total of a +3
  • A Spirit can be compelled like an aspect. To resist a compel of a Spirit requires twice the number of FATE points as the cost of the compel.
  • When someone uses Empathy (or another social skill) to get a “read” on a Centurion with a Spirit, the nature of this Spirit is revealed if the reader did not know about the Centurion’s Spirit.
  • A Centurion with a Spirit can sense another Centurion with a Spirit is nearby when in close proximity. They MUST be aware of the Centurion before they can sense it. (I.E. they don’t auto detect stealthed /disguised Centurions)
  • Rumor has it that this same awareness can make Centurions also aware of Millennions who have a Spirit; however this has never been proven.


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