Heart of Hakkar

Heart of Hakkar

Known Powers
  • Transfer of Life: Mysteries as psychic attack, damage done to target heals user that many shifts. Does one shift of mental damage per physical shift healed. Defender rolls Resolve (gets +2 if not restrained). Addicting, can be compulsed to use.
  • Desert Zombies: Can animate and control the zombies he creates


One of the Artifacts of Hakkar, of Egyptian make, a ruby cut into the shape of a heart. It seems to glow with an eldrich light all its own, while dimming the light all around it. It has transitive powers of life and can transfer life energy from one person to another. It is causing the creation of zombies in the desert region about Beni Suef.

The Heart is activated by blood sacrifice and buries itself into the chest of the ritualist who summoned it. It was most recently buried in Dr. Edward Radcliff’s chest, until he was defeated in the events of Centurion Chronicles #4: The Tomb of Death.

The Heart can be rendered inert by placing four Tears of Anubai on pedestals about it in an alter located in The Tombs of Aratakumba. The summoner of the Heart must also be at the alter.

The Heart is in the possession of Henry Smith of The Centurion Club, locked in their Secret Vault.

Heart of Hakkar

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