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Shadow Centurions

Background Information

While for most people Centurions refer to members of The Centurion Club, for those that are truly Centurions it has a much different meaning. A special group of people, a small percentage, of those who are born at midnight at Janauary 1st at the start of the new century are embodied with the spirit of that century.

Those who destiny has chosen to become Centurions are given certain gifts. They are give a strong constitution and mental fortitude that far outstrips a normal person. This means that they will not come to some kind of mundane end through an accident or disease, most, unfortunately, meet their demise through violence or some other extraordinary means. Centurions tend not to live past the close of the Century they were born in and meet their ends around the time the next Centurions begin to reach their majority (Around 25 years of age).

To be a Centurion is to embody a certain spark or quality that will defines that era. These Centurions further the advancement of their fellow man and help them spark to new heights. They are protectors, leaders, teachers, and councilors who carry on the torch of invention and civilization. Unfortunately, there are those who take a different path and instead of lighting the torch they seek to put it out. These Shadow Centurions are every bit as tenacious as their counterparts in their motivations and objectives. It is the clash between the Centurions and Shadow Centurions that will shape how man kind develops and enters into the next Century.

Now, Centurions, light and Shadow should take caution as the Millennium is coming to a close and like their Centurions there are Millennions who have goals and objectives more far reaching than anyone can imagine.

It is not apparent which Centurion has chosen light or dark, so these lists can become fluid; at least until a Centurion has identified his or her Spirit.


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