Areo Nautillus

Areo Nautillus

  • Value: Legendary
  • For Appearances see Laura Bancroft for more information, Appeared in Centurion Chronicles #9 and #10
  • Headquaters Upgrades: Expert Staff, Engineering Lab Quality 5
  • Lair Upgrades: Extensive Security (DC 6), Utmost Secrecy (DC 5), Communications Center


The Areo Nautillus is an advanced airship under the command of Lady Laura Bancroft. It is piloted by Jeeves Cutler and Ishmail Homer. It is maintained by Nemo Homer. Those who serve aboard are referred to as areonauts.

It sustained critical damage from an explosion of Netherite inflicted by Garrison Grayson during the events of Centurion Chroincles #10: Revenge of the Gray King.

Areo Nautillus

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