Estranged Member of the Trueman Family, Eldest Son of Senator Charles Silver Trueman II


Name: Charles Silver Trueman III
Age: 26
Sex: M
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 170lbs
First Appearance: Centurion Origins: Dead to Rights, The Triangle of Time, The Wage of Deceit, and Centurion Chronicles #9 and #10
Status: Leading the defense of Alcatraz Island.


Charles Silver Trueman III was born into the lap of Luxury. His Father, Charles Silver Trueman II, a Powerful US Senator and CEO of Trueman International, denied him nothing. Charles went to the best schools, had the best tutors and was able to feed an insatiable curiosity. Knowledge that he couldn’t have, he demanded, the more esoteric, he sought out. The deeper it was, the more remote, the more important it was to Charles’s world.

Charles turned that eye for his contemporaries and in retrospect this is probably where things began to go wrong. He began to see the pettiness amongst the glitz and the glamor. Unfortunately when one of his boyhood “chums” made advances toward a servant that was untoward. Charles’s fist made untoward advances upon his chum’s face. Of course his family was aghast at the damage that Charles had done upon their reputation as his chum was the son of a “very important man.” Charles admitted to his mistake and apologized to smooth things over. Of course, a part of him knew that this accident would happen again.

When the call came for the US to aid its allies, Charles answered. He took naturally to his training, passing his physicals and test with ease. When he awaited his first assignment, he found himself assigned to a cushy position well away from the front. He noticed that his less qualified “chums” from youth were also assigned cushy and safe jobs, while those less connected were sent to the front. He saw most of them come back in body bags. He knew he had to do something.

He confronted his father and learned more of the truth than he ever wanted to know. It wasn’t just political favors, but his father was in with some dirty people doing evil things. Charles saw the lives his family destroyed, the corpses that his life of privilege was built on. At the end of his service, he left his childhood home forever, but not before taking a certain black book from his father’s study.

He is currently a member of The Centurion Club.


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