Mokgosi Ramotswe

Hunter, Guide, and Tracker Extraordinaire


Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 196lbs.
Appearances: Centurion Origins: Hyenas of the Okavango, The Curse of Set, The Mockingbird Murders, Centurion Chronicles #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10
Status: Alive
Known Aspects: Something to Prove, Son of Ngwaketse, I Have Danced With Death, There is no Justice, There is Just us, Enemy of The Shadow Consortium, Manhunter, At Home in the Desert, Lots of People Solve Their Problems With Violence, Protector of Secret African Artifacts, Wanders the Outdoors
Stunts: Danger Sense, Due North, Hush, One Shot Left, Tracker
Artifact: Grayson’s Gauntlets


Mokgosi Ramotswe was born to the Ngwaketse tribe, just north of the Orange River in the Bechuanaland Protectorate. His childhood was like that of other boys in the kraal, learning to hunt, tend the crops, and care for the cattle. When he was 14 years old, Mokgosi joined the initiation school with his age-mates and left the village to live for months in the bush. The school was attacked by Boer rebels from the Transvaal, and all the men, including Mokgosi’s father, were killed. Mokgosi volunteered to make the long trek back to the kraal alone to recruit a new group of men to complete the initiation ritual. But because he had returned before completing his initiation, he was deemed to have failed it. Among the Ngwaketse, he would forever be counted among the boys – unable to marry, own cattle, or even join the men at their meals.

With few prospects in the kraal, on his 16th birthday, Mokgosi joined the South African Native Labour Contingent. He soon set sail for France aboard the SS Mendi, which was struck by another ship off the Isle of Wight. As the Mendi sank, the men gathered on the deck to sing and stamp the death dance. Mokgosi was one of only a few rescued from the freezing water as over 600 of his fellows perished around him.

After his arrival in France, Mokgosi was relegated to the rear alongside the other black laborers. He spent the war loading and unloading ships at Le Harve, seething the entire time at the injustice of being segregated so far from the action on the Western Front. There he met a member of The Centurion Club, a mulatto from Martinique named Henri Raoul Gaston. Gaston recruited Mokgosi to help him agitate to arm the black troops, provide them equal pay to white soldiers, and improve their living conditions. But Mokgosi’s first job ended in tragic failure, when white officers (Led by a young Allen Irons) shot dead 13 protesting SANLC troops. The incident left Mokgosi with few illusions about white people’s willingness to voluntarily extend their notions of justice and equality to Africans.

Mokgosi is currently attempting to hunt down agents of The Shadow Consortium and to that end he has found himself working as a member of the Centurion Club.

Mokgosi Ramotswe

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