A Disgraced Professor of the Arcane


Name: Dr. Wyrd
Age: 26
Sex: M
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 160lbs
Appearances: Mentioned in Centurion Chronicles #3, #5 and #9, Appeared in Centurion Origins: The Mockingbird Murders, Hyenas of the Okavango, The Wage of Deceit, Centurion Chronicles #2, #4, and #8
Status: Arrested by Special Agent Allen Irons
Known Aspects: Arcane Disgrace, The Mad Professor, Eyes Opened, Heart Closed, Consultant For Hire, Working a Minute Ago…, Secret Keeper, Timing is Everything, Friends in Low Places, Gut Instincts
Stunts: Enthrall, Hypnotic Speech, Mesmerist, Mind’s Shadow, Quick Eye

Wyrd’s Friends in Low Places.


The format of Dr. Wyrd’s biography reflects his unique perspective on the world. Dr. Wyrd is currently a member of The Centurion Club in the hopes that they an give him greater access to the arcane mysteries of the universe…and well a pay check too.

Arcane Disgrace

Rumors about his dabbling in the Arcane arts led to his dismissal from University.
Loss of public stature and position lead to further alienation, but among sources in the dark underworld it affords him access to more Arcane knowledge.

The Mad Professor

He is cursed with what might later be diagnosed as Aspbergers Syndrome. It’s difficult to care about other people. It gives him incredible focus (not easily distracted by others, has knowledge of the arcane that even his rivals can’t grasp) but his contemporaries, peers, family think he’s damaged somehow.

Eyes Opened

OSS training and magical exploration during the war gave insight into the means and motives of the very powerful on the global stage. SOMEONE has to master these powers lest the unethical use them to wrest control of the world. Can take a moment to suss out strategic thinking of others – especially the powerful. Such insights often have hidden costs, be they physiscal, or social.

Heart Closed

Wider worldview and understanding of power makes him ever more emotionally detatched and isolated from his past, his family, his prior life. He sacrifices all of that and some of his influence in academia. It’s a fair trade, and someone has to do it.
Keener instincts and insight into human behaviors and motivations has not helped him actually MAKE connections. Improves his ability to determine motivations, interperet behaviors… Reduces his ability to persuade or connect interpersonally. Can be used to intimidate.

Consultant for Hire

With far less money and social connetctions at his disposal, he is compelled to work for the money needed to do his research. Frequently partners with the very few lawmen who believe in the Arcane.

Working a Minute ago…

“Dammit… It was working fine a minute ago.”

Electro-Mechanical systems have a tendency to malfunction around him.
It seems the more complex or intricate the system, the more likely or severe the misfire. Speculation is that accessing magic disrupts electro-magnetic activity.
High Chance of malfunctioning, if not a certainty, complex interdependent systems: radios, TVs, areocraft, automobiles

Some chance of malfunction in his mere presence – Chance of failure increases if he’s thinking about it (even more so if he’s actively operating it.):
Phones, Simlple combustion engines, electric motors such as winches, lifts
More reliable – machines with chemical components or few components: shotguns, pistols, telegraphs, switches, etc

Secret Keeper

Uses intuition and otherworldly senses to access secrets both helpful and disturbing.

Timing is Everything

Right/Wrong Place at the Right/Wrong Time.
Timing is Everything.

He might be minding his own business when a body gets dumped out of a speeding truck onto the sidewalk at his feet!

Then again, he might just happen to step onto the sidewalk out of the path of streetcar that’s lost control.

Friend in Low Places

Contacts and acquaintances with people from a wide swath of society.

Gut Instincts

Often able to see patterns and clues and signs in systems… even if they aren’t visible to others… or even there to begin with.

Generally (but not always) reliable ability to intuit connections between events and people around him. ( “I’m certain that the drifter everyone suspects had nothing to do with that burglary”.)


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