Joseph Kenrick

A Professor of Archeology, He is Prone to Solving Puzzles and Mysteries


Name: Dr. Joseph Kenrick
Age: 26
Sex: M
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 180lbs
Appearances: Mentioned in Centurion Chronicles #3, #5 and #9, Appeared in Centurion Origins: The Curse of Set, The Triangle of Time, The Mockingbird Murders, Centurion Chronicles #1, #2, #4, #6, #7, #8, and #10
Current Status: Alive
Known Aspects: Childhood Prodigy, Tough Love, Missing Dad, Shot Down, Eye for Treasure, The Brotherhood of Set, Professor of Archeology, X Never Marks the Spot, It Belongs in a Museum!, Seen Unbelievable Things
Stunts: Insider, Photographic Memory, Personal Artifact (Eye of Set), Scholar (Ancient Egyptian Geometrical Gem Cutting), Walking Library


Dr. Kenerick comes from a long line of scholars in Wales, England. Dr. Joseph Kenrick Sr. was a renowned fellow at Cambridge in Egyptology. He and his wife Elaine had two children Joseph Jr. and his slightly younger sister Evie.
Growing up the family spent several years in Cairo and the pyramids where both children learned about ancient world. The family was relatively close except that Josephs father was always riding him. This ended up being a good thing however as he was admitted to Oxford at the ripe old age of 12. As the war broke out Joseph Kenerick received his bachelors degree at age 14.

During the war Joesph faked his papers and joined the RAF. He flew 10 missions before being shot down behind enemy lines over Switzerland. He parachuted into an archeological dig that the Germans were secretly working on. He was soon captured by German soldiers but one of the scholars on the dig recognized who his father was and after several conversations with the young man determined to use his keen intellect to unwrap the secrets of the burial mound they were working on. It was said to hold a diamond of untold clarity. Oh and the place was booby trapped!

Discovering that the Germans were going to use the crystal to make some sort of weapon Joseph at first declined to help but soon, after a great deal of convincing, being strapped to a chair, and struck numerous times, finally Joseph agreed. After defeating the traps to get to the diamond Joseph spotted one more but triggered it anyway, best to die hero then live a traitor! Alas the fates did not deign that he should die and as the floor fell into the river that rushed under the temple he swam to safety. Joseph walked to the coast and commandeered a boat back to England.

The Kenericks celebrated their son’s safe return. Joseph flew several more missions for the RAF but was recommended to finish his studies at Cambridge. He has just graduated with his PHD, when his father suddenly vanished without trace.

Currently Dr. Kenrick is a member of The Centurion Club as they might help him track down his missing father, pursue his research, and discover the mysteries surrounding The Brotherhood of Set

Joseph Kenrick

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