Anthony Poe

A Peaceable Inventor and Scientist




Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 153lbs
Appearances: Centurion Origins: Off the Grid, The Curse of Set, The Wage of Deceit, Centurion Chronicles #8, #9, and #10
Status: Alive
Gadgets: The Curie Drive and the Curie Drive Adapter


Father: Christopher Poe
Mother: Alexis Poe

Older Sister: Anita Poe
Younger Sister: Allison Poe

Paternal Grandfather: Louisiana Poe
Paternal Grandmother: Clementine Poe

Others Family: James Poe (Uncle), Theresa Collins (Aunt), Clancy Poe (Granduncle)

Anthony worked for the U.S. military during the great war, researching and developing new technologies. Although he tried to invent life-saving devices and non-lethal weaponry to curb the death toll of the war, his employers insisted on turning every new discovery toward killing.

One day, Anthony invented a new power source based on radioactive elements which he named the “Curie Drive”. Although this power source had amazing potential, he quickly realized that the same theories could be used to create weapons of incomparable destructive power. Determined not to let another of his discoveries be used for bloodshed, he fled The United States and took all of his research with him.

Anthony signed on to travel with Evelyn and Joseph Kenrick on their search for the Eye of Set because he expedition was headed for remote regions where Anthony could hide from his pursuers. Despite a lack of tools or supplies, Anthony kept much of the expedition’s equipment running throughout the journey.

By chance, Anthony later met Jack Scaper; Jack was another fugitive from the U.S. government, and they helped each other avoid capture by faking their deaths in an explosion created by Anthony’s Curie Drive.

Anthony Poe is a member of The Centurion Club.

Anthony Poe

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