The Centurion Chronicles

Sot c2A time of great excitement and adventure. Experienced and New Centurions should check The Centurion Club Compendium for the latest developments going on in the world. Members Only!
If you want to know the latest dare-doing of our Centurions check under The Chronicles. It details the villains they have faced, the mysteries that they have explored, and all their other heroics.

If you want to know more about Centurions and read about their first adventures look under Centurions. Even before they became associated with the Club, they were already doing great things and facing terrible dangers.

Basic Rules of Play:

  1. Do Dangerous Things: Before your character does anything ask yourself this question: What’s the most dangerous thing that someone might barely plausibly do in this situation? Then ask yourself if there’s any good reason why your character shouldn’t take exactly that course of action!
  2. Learn to Fight! Fighting is not just doing damage, but also setting up tags for your friends
  3. Get Involved: Find a reason to be interested. Invoke or Compel something into the scene to make it interesting.
  4. Track your Aspects: Put a little check mark beside each aspect as their Invoked or Compelled. Occasionally review the ones that are not seeing use and revise them to get more action!
  5. Make Statements: Try asking less questions and making more statements. In this game you can alter scenes/events with the spending of a fate point and GM Agreement.


I first want to acknowledge my players for starting up the campaign, I am really enjoying the FATE system and I am looking forward to more sessions. Spirit of the Century and FATE are products of Evil Hat Productions and are excellent games that I encourage anyone to look into. I want to thank the Obsidian Portal Community for their help, both active and passive, in the design and layout of this website. Specifically for Kallak’s character arrangement coding and help with some cleaning it up and showing how overlays work, Basilleus’s help in answering some noobish CSS questions that were, quite frankly, giving me a huge headache and Thorvaldr and the wolfhound for kindly put up some CSS information on their respective campaigns that I found very useful.

The Images used on this website are not for profit. If you desire them removed, please let me know.

The Centurion Chronicles

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