Ziggenheim Grant

Ziggenheim Grant

Historical Information

Founded by Dr. Ziggenheim in the early 1800s to encourage Scientists to push the boundaries of the known universe with amazing and fantastical discoveries. Dr. Ziggenheim, while more of an enthusiast for the sciences than a scientist himself, felt that many institutions “played it too safe” and that “true discovery can only be found by pushing one’s self to the limits of discovery.” He created the Grant as a competition to find Scientist who best fit this manor. The Grant is a substantial monetary award allowing the winner to pursue their research with significant financial backing. The contest is held annually with the final contestants being awarded the grant by a board of impartial judges.

Current Events

This year the final judging was held at Himmelger├╝hrt in Switzerland. The Centurion Club, Trueman International, and Dr. Garrison Grayson have put forward a significant amount of funds for the award. The current front runners, were in no particular order, are Dr. Abram Brown, Dr. Friedrich Zeram, Dr. Humbaar Knichte, Dr. Micheal Gerald, and Dr. Roger Rox.

Dr. Grayson had declined to name any judges for this year’s grant as he does not wish to appear to bias the results because of his mentoring of Dr. Brown. Trueman International has named, in no particular order, as its judges Achmed Al Atrash, Dr. Adelaide Swann, Dr. Evelyn Kenrick, and Senator Charles Silver Trueman II. The Centurion Club has named, again in no particular order, its judges as Dr. Joseph Kenrick, Lady Laura Bancroft, Jack Scaper, and Mokgosi Ramotswe.

Unfortunately, Dr. Grayson orchestrated events to get revenge on scientists who felt had wronged him. He murdered Doctors Knichte and Rox; he also critically injured Dr. Gerald. A winner was not decided because of the foul deeds done at Dr. Grayson’s hand. Luckily the Centurions were able to apprehend him and their actions are detailed in Centurion Chronicles #6: The Bloody Gambit and Centurion Chronicles #7: The Nether Agenda.

Ziggenheim Grant

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