The City of Utopia: Where Miracles Happen!
Utopia 3

Historical Information

Founded by Dr. Jonathan Mathias on September 19th, 1919, Utopia is a flying metropolis in the clouds; created by utilizing theories and principals that Dr. Mathias has been promoting. It holds no allegiance to any nation (Mathias raised it from a land mass beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean) and has been able to maintain this independence since its creation. Utopia is home to individuals and their families who have been recruited to participate in the Utopian Legacy Project, and the accompanying support staff. The city is depicted in pictures and by visitors as being balmy and very picturesque. Modern structures flow gently on the air currents, nestled amongst the clouds. Utopia is constantly on the move and as such never maintains a constant location. It is never found unless Dr. Mathias wants it to be found. The city proper is guarded by aircraft of Dr. Mathias’s design and is known as the Utopian Fleet.


Utopia is self-sustaining and incorporates working versions of Dr. Mathias’s theories. This technology includes advanced aircraft and airships; autonomous “thinking” machines; and other mind boggling advances. This technology is referred to in the short hand as “utopian” and is only commonly found about its citizens or Utopia proper. Recently utopian technology has been found in the hands of more nefarious entities and government agencies; whether by theft, someone else able to apply Dr. Mathias’s theories, and/or through secrets arranged with Dr. Mathias, himself, is a subject of debate. Here is a list of known utopian advances:

Notable Citizens

Once someone has been recruited to Utopia they are rarely seen from again. Friends and family will receive cards and see pictures, with the occasional telephone calls; but visits back to the mainland never occur. The only citizen of note that moves freely is Dr. Jonathan Mathias. Here is a list of notable citizens:


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