Trueman International

Trueman International

Historical Information
Trueman international

Trueman International is a multinational corporation founded by Charles Silver Trueman II in the late 1870s. Charles utilized his family fortune, gained from being involved in the rapid expansion in the west, and invested in the industrial boon that The United States of America was experiencing. Those profits where then utilized to acquire other corporations, factories, banks, research facilities, etc., etc. Rumors tell that some of these acquisitions were not necessarily legal and may have involved organized crime. Today, Trueman International is a holding company with many different subsidiaries. While Charles is still both the CEO and President, since becoming a US Senator his wife and the Board of Directors handle the day to day operations of Trueman International. Its headquarters is now a permanent fixture in the Chicago skyline and is currently the tallest building in the city.

Current Events

Silver’s research has revealed that, unbeknownst to the Public, Trueman International is heavily entwined with The Shadow Consortium.



Trueman International

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