The Wafd Party

The Wafd Party

Historical Information
Wafd party

The Wafd Party is a populist party in Egypt and responsible for institutionalizing a constitutional monarchy, removing overt British rule, and the creation of a parliament. The Wafd party currently controls parliament and is working diligently to make Egypt independent. It finds itself opposed by The British Consulate and The Egyptian Royalists, who block many of its initiatives and control most of the military force. The Wafd party is backed by the will of the people and it is only a manner of time before the coals of rebellion are stoked again.

Current Information

The Centurion Club has been granting funds to the Wafds in establishing some of their social reforms and meeting their civic needs. The Egyptian Royalists have been blaming the Wafds for terrorists acts in Cairo and Beni Suef. In response the Wafds have been protesting the Royalists alliance with The British Consulate.


Known Aspects

  • Power to the People!
  • Brits Back to Britain
  • Control Parliament

The Wafd Party

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