The Tombs of Aratakumba

The Tombs of Aratakumba

Historical Information
Egyptian tomb

An ancient tomb in the deserts of Egypt. Little is known about the tomb itself, except that is the resting place of an obscure pharaoh.

Current Events

It was the site of Dr. Radcliff’s dig funded by The Centurion Club. It’s location was secret and its reported location to The Office of Curiosities and Cultural Relics is fake. It is the resting place of the Heart of Hakkar, which Dr. Radcliff is attempting to secure. Both The Shadow Consortium and The Brotherhood of Set have sent agents trying to find the location of the dig.

This is the location that the The British Consulate and Black Coat Securities have selected as their base of operations in Southern Egypt to help The Egyptian Royalists pacify the region.

Known Aspects

The Tombs of Aratakumba

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