The Shadow Consortium

The Shadow Consortium

Historical Information
Shadow consortium

The Shadow Consortium is a conglomerate of powerful government agencies, corporations, criminal organizations, and individuals bent on control and domination. Its end goals are unknown and its existence is secretive, the only organization to even have publicly acknowledge its existence is The Centurion Club. What is known is that they use whatever means in their power to control the resource, treasure, contract, or person that they are after. The Shadow Consortium has lately been involving itself with recovering rare artifacts of a darker nature.

Current Events

Evidence indicates that they appear to be in conflict with The Brotherhood of Set.

Since Silver’s induction into the Centurion Club, he has been able to reveal more about the Shadow Consortium’s nature. The governing body of the Consortium is referred to as the Board of Directors. While the organization appears monolithic in nature, the Members of the Board are sometimes at conflict with each other and will work against another’s interest. It is rare for their to be a direct conflict as it can cause other Board Directors to become involved. We have a list of known members, their could be many more operating in secret.

Board of Directors


Allied Organizations

Known Aspects

  • Dark and Sinister
  • Money is no Object in Attaining our Goals
  • Secretive

The Shadow Consortium

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