The Russo Crime Syndicate

The Russo Crime Syndicate

Historical Information

The Russo Crime Syndicate is made up of many “mob families” of the U.S. with the Russo Family being the primary family running it. During the Great War, the Russo Family was able to establish an international foothold and numbers gangs in many other locations. The Russo Crime Syndicate has influence in organize crime around the world.

The Syndicate is based out of Chicago, but has establishments and members in most major cities around the world. There is no criminal act to big or too small for members of the Syndicate. Law Enforcement has had a difficult time in penetrating the inner workings of the Syndicate because either criminals are unaware they are working for the Syndicate or those who are aware are fanatically loyal. (Rumor has it that family members who have “flipped” end up mysteriously insane or dead.)

Current Events

Silver notes have revealed that the Russo Crime Syndicate is affiliated with the The Shadow Consortium with Don Salvatore Russo on their Board of Directors.


Low Level Enforcers and Unwitting Members

The Russo Crime Syndicate

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