The Centurion Club

The Centurion Club

Historical Information
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The Centurion Club is an international organization that is dedicated to exploring and protecting the wonders of the universe. Rumors have it that major artists, scientist, explores, businessmen, politicians, and teachers have been apart of the organization. They tend to be involved in a number grand enterprises, both public and private.

The operations of The Centurion Club remain a secret to the public and to most of its members. To the majority of people the Centurion Club is a philanthropic venture funding scientific and academic research, along with supporting various political and economic goals in a variety of different nations; in short a benevolent power broker. In Truth, the Centurion Club exists as a resource for Centurions to further the advancement of humankind and to address threats to that endeavor; or more specifically to counteract the goals and actions of Shadow Centurions. It provides connections, poltical clout, resources and knowledge gathered by previous Centurions to aid the current ones in their goals.

Organizational Structure

Members are divided into two different categories. The first are the Centurions. These are the individuals who are gifted with the Spirit of the Century. The second are the Decarions. These are members who do more of the menial tasks of the club or handle more administrative tasks. There are exceptions, for instance Henry Smith (A Centurion from last Century) appears to be the guiding hand of the Club, but would technically be considered a Decarion. Very few Decarions are aware of the ture purpose of the Club.

Current Events

Henry Smith has decided to begin guiding this Century’s Centurions, being one from the previous Century, and has hired on the Consultants the Club has been working with. He has revealed the presence of the Secret Vault. He and the Centurions are the only ones who can access the Secret Vault where dangerous artifacts and gadgets are stored.



Allied Organizations

Grants, Awards, and Charitable Contributions.

Known Aspects

  • Prestigious
  • Deep Pockets
  • Behind the Curtains
  • A Home in Every Port…and an Agent too

The Centurion Club

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