Manchester Regiment

The Manchester Regiment

Historical Information

The Manchester Regiment is a regiment of the British army, formed in 1881 by the amalgamation of the 63rd Regiment of Foot and the 96th Regiment of Foot. The Regiment has served in Great Britain, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, and South Africa with honors. During World War the Manchester Regiment fought valiantly on both the Home Front and the Western front, leading the charge into Germany itself.

Current Events

2nd Batallion was garrisoned in Cairo, Egypt under the command of the Hon. Sir Herbert Alexander Lawrence. The second battalion had accompanied Dr. Edward Radcliff to the dig at The Tombs of Aratakumba.

2nd Battalion was thentemporarily relocated to Switzerland to provide security for The League of Nations with Capatin Montgomery Swift commanding. Rumor has it that Swift angered Senator Trueman during the events that occurred in Centurion Chronicles #6: The Bloody Gambit and as a result the 2nd Battalion was transferred to the Bechuanaland Protectorate.

Members (Organized by Battalions, Companies, and Platoons)

2nd Battalion
Commanding: Major Edward Smith -deceased (Killed by zombies)

-Captain, Commanding
Battalion HQ

-Corporal Giles Pike
-Corporal Fitz Luckenbill
1st Platoon, D Company, 2nd Battalion

- Corporal Nigel Hawtry (killed by Dr. Edward Radcliff)

-Sergeant Royston Munt (killed by Dr. Edward Radcliff)

- Private Graham Honeybun (killed by Dr. Edward Radcliff)


Known Aspects

  • Veterans of WWI
  • Well Disciplined
  • Valiant in the Charge

Manchester Regiment

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