utopian automaton

A Clockwork Thinking Machine of Utopia


Appearances: Centurion Chronicles #5 and #7

Thinking machines of Utopian make, their functions and abilities vary depending upon models.


Utopian automatons are machines that have the semblance of human deduction and thought and are usually found running elements of Utopia. While not as emotive or limber in thought as a human being, they appear to be able to reason, problem solve, and have access to vast amounts of information. They are usually constructed with a specific set of purposes in mind, which is usually belayed by the type of body (Not all utopian automaton are humanoid in appearance.) As such, there are many different kind of utopian automaton and they are listed below.

Utopian Automaton Classifications
  • utopian combat automaton: a humanoid form, capable of piloting vehicles and fighting with weaponry. These drones tend to be heavily armored, being able to repel most gunshots. The Sky Pirates seen in Centurion Chronicles #5 were this type of Automaton.
  • automaton servitor: A humanoid form dedicated to the care of their human masters and guests. It is also used in more delicate tasks requiring fine motor skills. It tends to be more fragile and richly crafted. They are first seen in Centurion Chronicles #7 attending to Dr. Jonathan Mathias aboard his airship

utopian automaton

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