The Possessed

Sentient Beings Possessed by the Influence of Another


Appearances: Centurion Chronicles #9 and #10

The Possessed are different than people who have experienced possession. For an individual to be considered part of The Possessed he would lose all former sense of identity. For better or worse the psyche or soul of the person has been extinguished and completely over taken by the invading force. Once this force has been removed there is nothing left of the original person and would be considered brain dead.

The Possessed should not be confused with individuals who have experienced possession, as their psyche or soul, while harmed, is not extinguished. For instance Dr. Adelaide Swann was possessed in the events detail in Centurion Chronicles #3 and #4, but when the possession was removed she retained her psyche or sense of self and would not be considered one of The Possessed.

Individuals can become apart of The Possessed in numerous different ways, but the outcome is the same. They appear to be apart of the directions of some larger entity and share a common sense of purpose. They retain all knowledge and memories of the host body and appear to be fearless with little sense of maintaining their own safety. The Possessed share many characteristics of a hive mind, being able to share information almost telepathically and instantaneously. The Possessed appear to be only limited by the intelligence of the being who possessed them.


For classification purposes those who experience possession will have their experience detailed in their personal biography and in the details of the Chronicles. People who have become apart of The Possessed will be identified by the entity who is responsible for that assault.

The Possessed

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