Charles Silver Trueman II

US State Senator from Illinois and Owner of Trueman International


Name: Senator Charles Silver Trueman II
Age: 65
Sex: M
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 169lbs
Appearances: Centurion Origins: The Wage of Deceit and Dead to Rights, Centurion Chronicles #6 and #7
Status: Returning to The United States of America.


Charles Silver Trueman II is the patriarch of the famous Trueman family and founder of Trueman International and makes his home in Chicago. He is known for his drive and personal charisma, but rumors have held that he can be a very cold and cruel man. Since his election to the senate, his second wife, Cecilia Gold and the Board of Directors now run most day to day operations of Trueman International.

As a US Senator Trueman made a name for himself for whipping up Congress to reject The League of Nations’s Charter, causing The United States to not be a member. Rumor has it that Charles is hoping to attempt to become President himself.

Senator Trueman was also fleeced by Jack Scaper and vows revenge against him.

Special Agent Allen Irons is frequently in the company of Senator Trueman. He is also on the Board of Directors of The Shadow Consortium.

Charles Silver Trueman II

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