Salvatore Russo

Mafia Boss of the Russo Crime Syndicate


Name: Don Salvatore Russo
Age: 63
Sex: Male
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 226lbs


Salvatore Russo is an intelligent, merciless individual who is responsible for building The Russo Crime Syndicate into what it is today. In the late 1800s Salvatore found himself midsts a gang war in the heart of Chicago. Through cunning, organizational prowess, intimidation, and violence he was able to gain control of the Chicago area and later the entire Midwest.

Once he began his crime empire, Salvatore continued his expansion and soon developed contacts around the world. Salvatore has made the Russo Family into a massive Crime Syndicate that is well organized and funded. Salvatore himself has become untouchable by local law enforcement.

Rumors have made mention that Senator Charles Silver Trueman II have had dealings since they were both young men and that the rise of the Russo Crime Syndicate eerily paralleled that of the creation of Trueman International and Charles Trueman II’s political career. Any investigation into these allegations has met “dead” ends.

Salvatore has a son who is the presumptive heir, Ladd Russo and a daughter-in-law, Miriam Russo. He is also on the Board of Directors of The Shadow Consortium.

Salvatore Russo

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