Laura Bancroft

A British Noblewoman with a Penchant for Danger and Bullets


Name: Lady Laura Bancroft
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 136lbs
Appearances: Mentioned in Centurion Chronicles #9, Appeared in Centurion Origins: The Triangle of Time, The Curse of Set, The Mockingbird Murders, Centurion Chronicles #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7
Status: Alive
Known Aspects: In Her Parent’s Footsteps, Orphaned Heiress, I Would Rather Sling Bullets Than Drink Tea, My Way or the Skyway, Curiosity Killed the Cat, Set to Destroy Set, Naughty or Nice?, Tomb Raider, Jeeves is the Bees Knees Except When he is Bossy, Keeping Up Appearances
Stunts: Acrobat, Headquarters, Trusted Employee, Lair, Pleasure Dome, Two Gun Joe, Personal Gadget (Grappling Gun)
Companions: Jeeves Cutler (Trusted Employee), Ishmail homer (Headquarters), Nemo Homer (Headquarters)
Headquarters: Areo Nautillus


Laura lost her mother and father when young, became a wealthy heiress; raised by Jeeves Cutler, the family butler. They were archaeologists who got lost in the field, but she feels they were murdered.

She was raised by her butler, Jeeves, who is prim and propper. He wanted her to act like a lady, but she was spunky and rebellious; resulting her getting expelled from numerous boarding schools. Despite her attitude, Jeeves continues to care for her. Jeeves, to maintain his relationship and keep her out of trouble, is an ex- soldier and trained her in the arts of combat.

Laura is sailing aboard the Areo Nautillus and commanding her crew of areonauts in the search for adventure, The Brotherhood of Set, and anyone who has more information on her parent’s death. She is a member of the The Centurion Club

Laura Bancroft

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