Ladd Russo

A Powerful Capo in the Russo Crime Syndicate


Name: Ladd Russo
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 291lbs
Abilities: Companion, Close Contacts: Miriam Russo


Ladd Russo is Don Salvatore Russo’s only child and presumptive heir to The Russo Crime Syndicate. He currently has the rank of Capo and is a man while cunning and intelligent is prone to violence and destruction. He tends to handle issues that require the use of force and rumors hold that he is a sociopath addicted to murder himself (though most likely not a serial killer as he is indiscriminate in who his victims are, though it is usually business; he is just not squeamish). The only notable soft spot is with his bride, Miriam whom accompanies him on most of his travels.

He is a member of The Shadow Consortium.

Ladd Russo

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