Jonathan Mathias

A Man of Science with Dark, Terrible Knowledge


Name: Dr. Jonathan Mathias
Age: Reported to be in his 50s
Sex: M
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 178lbs
Appearances: Mentioned in Centurion Chronicles #5, Appears in Centurion Chronicles #6 and #7
Status: Flying away from Himmelger├╝hrt with Dr. Micheal Gerald.
Known Aspects: A Scholar and a Gentleman, My Genius Knows no Bounds, A City in the Sky, Connections in its Shadows


Not much is known about Dr. Jonathan Mathias’s youth. He first became known for publishing revolutionary papers on topics involving, biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, fringe sciences, and the occult. While most of the scientific community read these papers with great interest, it was never given much credence beyond creative theory. That was until 1919, when Dr. Mathias raised the city of Utopia into the heavens. His creation of the flying city was proof to the world that his papers were perhaps more than just theory.

While his knowledge of the sciences, mysteries, and academics are peerless, he still remains a mystery and keeps himself remote from most educational institutions; showing up to give a rare presentation or to publish a paper. The rest of the academic community, despite his advances, is content to keep this arms length distance with Dr. Mathias because of his darker connections.

Rumor holds that Dr. Mathias has relationships with criminals, revolutionaries, anarchists, mercenaries, and various corporate interests in pursuit of his research goals. He is not above breaking laws, engaging in violence, and possibly warmongering to achieve his ends. The problem is nobody, despite reading his research, is able to figure out what these ends are.

Jonathan Mathias

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