Jeeves Cutler

Loyal Butler and Inseperable Companion to Lady Laura Bancroft


Name: Jeeves Cutler
Age: 54
Sex: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 190lbs
For First and Last Appearances please refer to Lady Laura Bancroft, Appeared in Centurion Chronicles #9 and #10
Quality: Good
Skills: Empathy (Good), Pilot (Good)
Spheres: Physical and Social


Jeeves Cutler has been apart of the Bancroft family for most of his life. He raised Laura Bancroft as a child and is her personal butler. He works, with little to no success, at making her a Proper English Lady, but mainly he hopes to keep her skin intact between engagements.

Not only is he Laura’s butler, but he is also the chief pilot of the Areo Nautillus and second in command of the areonauts.

Jeeves Cutler

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