Eli Masterson

Shipping Company CEO, Art Collector, and sometime Smuggler


Name: Eli Masterson
Age: 44
Sex: M
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 184lbs
For First and Last Appearances refer to Henry Smith
Known Aspects: Eye for Art, Underworld Connections, My Numbers Always add up
Skills: Rapport (Good), Resources (Good), Deceit (Good), Leadership (Fair), Pilot (Fair), Empathy (Avg)


Eli Masterson is hired by Henry Smith at times to procure and deal in the rare artifacts that The Centurion Club handles. He has business dealings about world and has exchanged correspondence with individuals such as Achmed Al Atrash.

He manages a warehouse in New York City that is the main location of storage and shipping for valuable artifacts and scientific equipment for the Club. He is unaware of the presence of the Secret Vault.

Eli Masterson

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