Evelyn Kenrick

Scientist Specializing in the Study of Phase Harmonics, Also Dr. Joseph Kenrick's Plucky Little Sister


Name: Dr. Evelyn Kenrick, called “Evie” by her brother. (She HATES it.)
Age: 22
Sex: F
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 144lbs
Appearances: Centurion Origins: The Curse of Set, Centurion Chronicles #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10
Quality: Great
Spheres: Physical, Mental, and Social
Stunts: Science: Phase Harmonics, Shot on the Run, and Universal Gadget
Status: Recovering from her injuries under the care of The Centurion Club


Daughter of Dr. Joseph Kenrick Sr., Evelyn Kenrick is the other prodigy born into the Kenrick Family. She followed in her older brother’s, Dr. Joseph Kenrick’s, footsteps in academic rigors, but focused more on “hard facts” than in “musty old books.” (She does have a little dissonance with this as she also tends to enjoy exploring, most likely to debunk, the more fringe sciences.) She also has a knack with mechanical objects and likes to get her hands dirty putting together devices that prove in the application of her sciences.

She is a recognized specialist in the study of Dimensional Phase Harmonics involving the effects of light and vibration and their affects on probability and structure. To test her theory, she has created a Dimensional Particle Collider. After the events in Centurion Origins: The Curse of Set she has chosen to continue her competition with her brother and moved out of the family home and to Chicago.

Dr. Kenrick has been invited to Himmelger├╝hrt by Trueman International to serve as a judge the annual Ziggenheim Grant. She currently has accepted the opportunity to research Netherite with Joseph at the behest of The Centurion Club.

While researching netherite, Evelyn’s research has been stolen by mobsters and her device has been stolen by shadow apparitions. She was then kidnapped by Garrison Grayson and taken to the Big Ben to repair the Dimensional Particle Collider. She escaped becoming possessed by the Soul of Hakkar by knocking herself out. She was rescued by Joseph Kenrick and was able to explain how he could disable the Dimensional Particle Collider again. She is now recovering from her injuries under the care of The Centurion Club.

Evelyn Kenrick

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