Augustus Pugin

A Madman Architect and Occultist from the 1800s


Age: 40
Sex: Male
Appearances: Mentioned in Centurion Chronicles #9 and #10


Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1 March 1812 – 14 September 1852) was an English architect, designer, artist and critic, chiefly remembered for his pioneering role in the Gothic Revival style; his work culminated in the interior design of the Palace of Westminster, with Big Ben being his final design before his breakdown and death. Pugin designed many churches in England, and some in Ireland and Australia. Many historians feel that Pugin may have created some more esoteric designs based upon his mad visions.

Throughout life, Pugin was plagued by odd dreams and visions of “demons and the apocalypse.” The stress of this affliction culminated to his ultimate breakdown in February 1852 while traveling by train to London. He was confined to a private asylum where he later died. The listed cause of death is “convulsions followed by coma.”

Augustus Pugin

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