Arthur Gold

A Successful Businessman Employed With Trueman International


Name: Arthur Walter Gold
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 172lbs
Appearances: Mentioned in Centurion Chronicles #9
Companion: Lieutenantx3 – Jennifer Howsten


Arthur Gold has risen swiftly and aggressively through the ranks of Trueman International. His business dealings are lucrative and utterly without scruple, but because of the profits he has generated for the corporation this has been overlooked by the more morally constrained. Arthur eventually garnered the attention of Senator Charles Silver Trueman II and was recently placed in charge of Trueman Acquisitions (A position that comes with the title of Vice President). Since Arthur has begun overseeing the Acquisitions Division, he has tripled their profits; even though political opponents of Senator Trueman would point out that in the process of doing so, he might have done significant harm to the U.S.’s international reputation.

Arthur himself is an attractive young man who is full of wit and charm, always on the edge of the latest fashion. There are some darker rumors that he has more sinister appetites, but none have been substantiated. He is a member of The Shadow Consortium.

Arthur Gold

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